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Missouri Right to Life Poster

What does the ACLU’s Proposed pro-Abortion Referendum Entail?

Recently on both the WashU Campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods, there have been many signature gatherers for a proposed referendum on abortion that the ACLU is trying to put onto the Missouri ballot this fall. This signature gatherers usually phrase their support of the referendum as being about “choice,” or “women’s rights,” and very rarely discuss what the referendum would actually do.

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"Resist WashU" Protestors after taking control of the stage at Graham Chapel

Anti-Boeing Protestors Attempt to Shut Down Bear Beginnings

Every year, WashU hosts an event called “Bear Beginnings” for admitted students to learn about the university before committing. This event, which only resumed in 2022 after being canceled for several years due to COVID, is probably the least political event that one can think of.

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Photograph of the SU meeting where the resolution was voted on.

Behind SU’s vote to divest from Boeing

Boeing, to put it mildly, has not had a good 2024. Among its concerns, parts keep flying off of its commercial planes, and (as of April 11th) the value of a share of its stock has declined from $257.28 to $173.36 since January 1st. However, one of the concerns that the leaders of Boeing will not be losing sleep over is the quixotic and nonbinding resolution passed by WashU’s Student Union (SU) for the university to divest from the embattled aerospace company.

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